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Work in Progress
Stories that I've started, but have yet to finish
Dreamers (Working Title) Written: ETA 2017? (but who knows when I'll actually finish it)
Short Stories
Original short stories, written entirely by me
Untitled Conversation Written: 2007 or earlier
Ultima Online Related Short Stories
Stories about some of the characters I played in Ultima Online (Yan'Chi, Arthur Illandril, Zah'Qim, and Gildar). Since these stories revolve around an MMORPG, they often include details from the game, as well as characters from other players, so I cannot take full credit for everything in these stories (and I have tried to include notices for those parts where other people deserve credit for character, location, and other details).
An End to the Peace, Part 1 Written: 2003 or earlier A Break in the War (An End to the Peace, Part 2) Written: 2003 or earlier Arthur's Return to Yew Written: 2003 or earlier Missing Comrade (An End to the Peace, Part 3) Written: 2003 or earlier Untitled (An End to the Peace, Part 4) Written: 2003 or earlier The Return (An End to the Peace, Part 5) Written: 2003 or earlier A Knight Lost at Home Written: 2003 or earlier Departure of Britannia Written: 2003 or earlier Zah'Qim's Introduction Written: 2007 or earlier Zah'Qim's Note on the Invasions Written: 2007 or earlier