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Dreamers (Working Title)

I started writing "Dreamers" in January 2014. It's the first serious writing I've done since college. I initially expected it to be a short story, but it kept growing and growing the more I wrote, so now I know it will at least be a novella, if not a novel. Here's an excerpt from what is currently the start of Chapter 4:

"I'm having another dream," said Laenia.

Toryn jumped slightly when she spoke. He too had been preoccupied with the mystery of this new place. "What?" he asked.

"I must be in a dream. That's the only thing this can be. It's too warm and too pretty here for anything else to make sense."

"A dream... of course. Why'd you have to come into my dream and ruin it by telling me I was dreaming?" asked Toryn.